Saturday, November 27, 2010

Insert creative title here

It's been a fun week, not much really to write about, but i'll do my best.

We've settled in quite nicely and are starting to figure out where everything is. A benefit of this is that we seem to get lost less and less with each passing day. Though, I still haven't quite figured out the right of way when crossing a street. It seems like the bicycle has it no matter what, which is strange but also somewhat satisfying.

Like most of our adventures so far, all the fun stuff we've found hasn't been planned, we just stumble on it. So far this includes a Fish Market, Flower Market, Book Market and an antiques/clothing market. All very neat, one vendor in particular has caught my eye a few times with his stamps, photographs, and bank notes. Play your cards right and there might be some nazi money in your stocking this christmas.

Speaking of christmas (it apparently happens here on December 5th)on one of our adventures out we wandered into "winter wonderland". The atmosphere and smell, remind me of the Kris Kindle Market in Kitchener, there is a icerink in the centre and is surrounded with vendors selling waffles, olibollens (like an apple fritter), donuts, chocolate, cheese and sausage. The smell is fantastic, it's hard to pass through without loading up on all the sugary sweets. There also seems to be some games to play and a merry-go-round to ride. Sadly it was raining when we discovered it have have yet to be back.

We still seem to spend a bit of our time walking from cafe to cafe here, not in search of wireless, but for warmth. It's gotten a bit cold here faster than I think either of us had anticipated and on occasion we find ourselves underdressed (especially Liz, as her coat is at the cleaners). On one of these adventures to a bike store, we found a long (i mean long, over a km i'd venture to guess) line of candle lit lamps hanging from the street posts. Men with ladders armed with matches were lighting them as the sun started to go down. You seem to find this sort of care everywhere here, the city is kept clean and trim. It's quite a contrast compared to what I'm used to.

Of note also are all the design shops around, they range form bathroom and kitchen specific to really anything you can imagine. I try to take photos of some of the weirder stuff. Take this rag chair we saw for example, 3200€ gets you a chair made of rags that are strapped to a wooden frame. It gets weirder from there. I think the weirdest so far is a lamp that floats in fat. Odd i know, but exploring these places can be fun, and it warms you up.



  1. ummm, are those vintage dutch wool cycling jerseys? nice.
    also, i <3 that chair a lot.

  2. jerseys are partially wool.... but all are pro-racer size. teeny.

    make the chair!

  3. well, keep your eye out, if you find anything, i'll reimburse you. also, they are usually from boy racers, why so small still? stupid boys.