Monday, November 22, 2010

Lekker Huis

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Finding a room in Amsterdam was remarkably easy. Having settled on a price range and being willing to accept almost anything, we ended up finding a quite nice place in Zeeburg. It's new construction, and previously a family home. That's why the bedroom wall is pink and there are glow-in-the-dark stars on the ceiling! I'll take you through a quick photo tour, but then I have to go out to de apotheek, de wijnwinkel, en voor een wandeling. 

Entrance door, as seen from first floor landing.
 Huiskamer on the 1st floor. Centre window is actually a door!

Keuken, on the 1st floor also.

Stairs, as seen from the second floor landing.

Hallway to bathroom, laundry and another bedroom.

2nd floor badkamer.


Balcony of our slapkamer!

 Okay, so the view out the bedroom isn't the greatest, and it's in new construction. But frankly, there is no way we were going to get a short term rental on a canal in Amsterdam Centrum for anything less than the payment of several future generations. That is something I'm just going to have to come to terms with. Besides, balcony! room! kitchen! Or as Matt says "Home Toilet Advantage".


  1. are those HEATED TOWEL RACKS in your bathroom?!?! awesome. cousin in sweden has those too, i guess that they're big over there

  2. Yes, that is indeed a heated towel rack. There is also in floor heating :) I don't know how to work either yet

  3. Liz--ask Matt to fix it (:

    Heated floors are the best! We have a couple in my house, mm mm good!

  4. Figured out heated towel rack = radiator... Still not level with the floors though