Sunday, October 31, 2010

Vik, Iceland

What a day, we saw the "golden circle" Which are 3 fantastic sights that need to be seen. The first is where the first parliament was formed as well as where the Eurasian and North American plates separate. You can actually walk the space between them, it was spectacular. Next was a huge waterfall, apparently the largest in Europe, it's amazing, it carved out a massive canyon and since it's so cold it has formed these wonderful ice patterns on the surrounding wild grass.
The third was a geyser, apparently the most regular in the world. It erupts every 6min or less.

After that we embarked on a drive to Vik as were trying to see the giant national park, on the way we found this wonderful mountain scape with 4 small waterfalls, we were able to get up close and personal to it, even behind it. The sound was like a jet flying overhead, a real treat.

We headed back on our way to Vik and with 80km left to go, driving through the mountain passes again(lots of these today) it started to get dark and snow. We struggled on, finally finding Hotel Hofdabrekka outside of Vik, the last night it's open.

Safe and sound. More later.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Blue lagoon

We arrived in Iceland at 630 local time, had a coffee and rented a car. On the road at 8am, it was dark until after 9:30.
We drove around and ended up here at the blue lagoon. Aaaaamazing, like soaking in a giant bath outside in the middle of winter.
I'm sure Liz will elaborate more, were off to find the hotel now and maybe grab a nap.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Still Waiting...

We haven't quite figured out the editing of posts for the blog yet, so I can't correct Matt's iPhone issues. However, it will all be sorted out eventually.

We're sitting at the Barcardi bar, after having gone through airport security and check-in procedures. Check-in was slightly frustrating as the attendants were still setting up the booths. Also, we had our ridiculously heavy and awkward luggage with us. Eventually (in reality 10 minutes) we hobbled over to the IcelandicAir booth, and proceded to check in. Now armed with our boarding passes - and without our backpacks, we headed to security.

Security was "ridiculously easy" (as Matt just said to me). We stopped at the provided seating area, and double-checked our liquids, gels and aerosols for non-conforming behaviour. There was no one in line at the x-ray and metal detectors, and we split up to go through more efficiently. Matt made it through fine. I set off the alarm, as I forgot to take of my eagle belt buckle. I set off the alarm, and was asked what I forgot. I then flashed my "giant belt buckle" and was awarded with the "idiot stare" from the guards. Also, my laptop and coat caused the guards to pause, perhaps laughing at the minuteness of my mouse. Things passed through the xray machine; we got dressed again; and headed off to the express walkway. Which was really really fast... WHOOSH!

Now, as I said, we're sitting in the Barcardi bar. Matt's had two pints of Canadian (his last for a while), and I'm drinking a mojito. Also, we just devoured a plate of microwaved nachos at $13. Patiently waiting for flight. Watching a dude on a segway.


On our way. We fle through customs, the only people online actually. 3 hours until takeoff.

Bye everyone!

Packed and ready to go!

> This is more of a mobile test post but anyway, everything is packed just finalizing the last details.
> Who knew this would be so complicated.