Saturday, October 30, 2010

Blue lagoon

We arrived in Iceland at 630 local time, had a coffee and rented a car. On the road at 8am, it was dark until after 9:30.
We drove around and ended up here at the blue lagoon. Aaaaamazing, like soaking in a giant bath outside in the middle of winter.
I'm sure Liz will elaborate more, were off to find the hotel now and maybe grab a nap.


  1. what's that weird reflection at the top right? is it b/c you're inside?

  2. Are you sure your photos are being geo-tagged correctly?? Beautiful scenery!

  3. We found out that the iphone needs a network or wifi signal to geotag the photos, and our SLR I have to do it mechanically in Picasa or iPhoto, So I just entered them all as Reykjavik, when in fact they are from Keflavik to Reykjavik. Working on a solution, hopefully we'll have it fixed soon.

  4. hope you are taking the scenery and the peoples all in. waiting to hear all about iceland and the geo thermal springs etc. dad