Thursday, December 2, 2010

I left to get away from this!

Dear snow. Please leave.

Oh, the weather - it's a topic to talk about regardless of location. Right now, I'm not that happy with the weather in Amsterdam, but them's the breaks. There has been a raging snowstorm ripping across the northern U.K. and it has affected the usual weather patterns here too. A few days ago, we had two solid days of fluffy packing snow - which still hasn't melted away. Today, on top of the (now) slush and ice lies a layer of cold powder. It sure makes for good tobogganing as evidenced by the wee chap we saw being hauled around by his mum.

The weather is apparently unusual, not only for the time of year, but for the temperature as well. At least I have my coat back, and can stop wandering around in Matt's windbreaker. Matt has yet to wear his winter snow jacket "because it's only -12C". Uh huh. R-tard™. I'm waiting for our winter clothes to arrive from Dad to get my warmth on.

Most people here aren't too bothered by the weather. There is a noticeable decrease in open markets because of the snow and cod. However, people are still riding their bikes, walking their strollers and hanging out in cafés. Matt has a few choice words about the prevailing conditions and motorized vehicles. Please see the end of the post for more details.

Tomorrow I head to Brussels for a few hours. We have yet to sort out our banking, and have been searching for places to easily open up a chequing account. France and Belgium seem to have options for non-resident accounts and so we're going to try that. It means we stop getting dinged ridiculous amounts for withdrawing cash from ATMs, and that we can start using the Euros we converted 2 months ago (Damn you economic crisis for making now the time to convert CAD to EURO and Damn you HSBC for being a bunch of useless #*@#$). Matt won't be joining me as the train trip is expensive enough for one, and setting up a joint account is too much of a pain anyway.

On Sunday, we head to Eindhoven to catch an aeroplane to Marseille...

* * *

An open letter to Canadian Motorcyclists (you know who you are....Derek)

Suck it up.

That is all.

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